A demanding start…

Making sense of GBC makes a lot of demands on you. Keeping up with the lectures and linked tutorials as well as the relevant reading is tough.

So why add to the burden with a blog? Well, some of you have scheduling issues – with your lecture after your tuitorial. And, for most of you, ‘real life’ will intervene – buses late, family and relationship events etc. So, to try to bridge the gap…and to connect the module material to up-to-date happenings, literature and other sources of info…this blog is for you!

Well, really it’s for us. Although I’ll try to keep things as relevant and timely as possible, if you come across interesting stuff then just send me a link by email and I’ll get your contributions up here too.

Oh yes, if anyone wants to get more involved with economics at UWE…just get in touch. I’m interested in exploring what we can do to make thus journey better, more relevant and useful for you.



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